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Yesterday’s Copy Protection Schemes – SimCity

For all those Sim Mayor’s out there who can’t start up a good retrogaming session because they can’t locate the SimCity All Time High Scores copy protection sheet, this post if for you!  Click on any of the images below to get an enlarged version, and enjoy Maxis Software (and Will Wright’s) masterpiece!

SimCity All Time High Scores Sheet, page 1

SimCity All Time High Scores Sheet, page 2

SimCity All Time High Scores Sheet, page 3

SimCity All Time High Scores Sheet, page 4

7 Responses

  1. Is that you Clint?

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  3. […] To explain: older games used to prevent copying by having special codes in the manual which you had to enter on load. To avoid being defeated by photocopies, they were often printed in yellow-on-white or black-on-black, and/or spread throughout the manual so you’d have to copy the whole manual. I did google on my phone, but at the time I couldn’t find the relevant info (now found, for the curious). […]

  4. Thanks so much for this!

  5. magisterrex you rock!!! It took me an hour to find these much needed codes in amongst sites with cheat codes and cracks for all the newer simcity games. If only i had have remembered to look for the high scores sheet LOL.

  6. I love you! I am now playing simcity on dosbox on my mac. Thanks for the nostalgia!

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