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What’s In That Game box? – Payday( 1974)

Box front for the 1974 Parker Brothers game PAYDAY

Ever scoured the Internet looking for what exactly you were missing from the old board game you pulled from your closet, only to find no succor in your time of need?  Well, stop that fruitless searching through endless google results, as this week we look at Parker Brothers’ 1974 where does all the money go game, Payday.

A more indepth discussion of the game’s play can be found in a previous blog entry, titled, The Best Classic Board Games – Payday What’s In That Game Box? deals specifically with the game’s contents, which are:

The game box, which has a slightly psychedelic effect with some of the game’s cartoons amidst a green and yellow background of swirling shapes and patterns.

The game board, in the shape of a 30-day calendar in the game box motif.

The Savings and Loan Interest Chart (some versions of Payday instead use individual Savings & Loan Calculators, one for each player)

The Savings pegboard, divided into six sections (one for each player).

Six player tokens in the shape of dollar signs (black, blue, green, orange, red, yellow)

A single six-sided die

A supply of play money, in the following denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $500.

Twenty green scoring pegs.

A deck of 16 DEAL cards, all but one of which all begin with the words “YOU MAY PURCHASE” and featuring:

  • 18th Century Pine Hutch (Cost 200; Value 550; Commission 20) x2
  • 2 acres, Vactionland (Cost 1000; Value 2500; Commission 100)
  • 800 lbs Copper Pipe (Cost 300; Value 650; Commission 30)
  • Bottle Collection (Cost 350; Value 600; Commission 50) x2
  • Coin Collection (Cost 500; Value 900; Commission 50)
  • Diamond Ring (Cost 350; Value 600; Commission 35)
  • Family Camper (Cost 1100; Value 1600; Commission 110)
  • Power boat (Cost 1500; Value 1800; Commission 150)
  • Share of Race Horse (Cost 700; Value 1400; Commission 70) x2
  • Tractor (Cost 950; Value 1400; Commission 95)
  • Used Sports Car (Cost 800; Value 1200; Commission 80)
  • Used Stereo Set (Cost 150; Value 400; Commission 30)
  • “We hope you enjoy playing PAYDAY.  We had lots of fun developing it. PAYDAY now joins, MONOPOLY, CLUE, SORRY, CAREERS, ADMIRALS, PROBE, RISK, WATERWORKS, ACTION HOCKEY and many other fine “all family” games from Parker Brothers.  Drop us a line with your comments to PARKER BROTHERS, P.O. Box 600, Concord, Ontario L4K 1B7.  We are always glad to hear from you.”

A deck of 80 MAIL cards, featuring:

  • Auto Repair Bill (Crashdale Inc. (mother-in-law at wheel) $150)
  • Auto Repair Bill (Crumples Garage (wife hit parking meter) $50)
  • Auto Repair Bill (Dent and Scratch Ltd. (Parking lot mementos) $100)
  • Auto Repair Bill (Push & Shove Towing (son ran out of gas on date) $25)
  • Auto Repair Bill Safety Check (Cross Road Garage New tires $100)
  • Auto Repair Bill Safety Check (Hiway Services Brakes $50)
  • Auto Repair Bill Safety Check (Rattle N. Bang Muffler $75)
  • Auto Repair Bill Safety Check (Flasher Electric Lights $50)
  • CAR INSURANCE $200 (OPTION If bought cancels all Auto Repair Bills except “Safety Check”. Must be bought or discarded immediately.) x2
  • CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (Discover the Mystery’s of Vitamin E  Also inclosed – the many ways to Spell Mystery)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (BELL’S CATERERS (Daughter’s wedding) $800)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (HOMETOWN DRUG MART (Birthday party supplies) $15)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (HOMETOWN DRUG MART (Household necessities) $30)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (HOMETOWN DRUG MART (Prescriptions for kids) $20)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (SEERS SUPER SALE (Children’s Clothes) $150)
  • CHARGE ACCOUNT BILL (VIP RESTAURANT (Anniversary Dinner) $60)
  • CHURCH RAFFLE (You win an $800 car if you land on a buyer this month (discard at end of Month))
  • Dentist Bill (Dr. Driller services rendered $20)
  • Dentist Bill (Dr. Nova Kane services rendered $25)
  • Dentist Bill (Dr. Straighten Pull services rendered $150)
  • DEPRESSION (ALL SAVINGS AND DEALS FALL TO ½ WORTH Turn in deals for ½ cost and adjust your savings calculator to ½ savings on hand (if any).  Does not effect cash on hand.)
  • Doctor Bill (Dr. Art Tory services rendered $150)
  • Doctor Bill (Dr. Capsule services rendered $15)
  • Doctor Bill (Dr. Cor Pussel services rendered $15)
  • Doctor Bill (Dr. Stitches services rendered $85)
  • Doctor Bill (Dr. Sur Ringe services rendered $100)
  • DOUBLE YOUR MONEY 2X (Sell any one Deal you have at double your cost Good until end of month.)
  • DO YOU FEEL ILL?  (Buy our ill Pill with electric power)
  • DR. E. PENDAGE SAYS (Don’t let your toes get out of shape, tired toes, tired heart!  Send for booklet – 101 toe exercises)
  • Electric Bill (Hometown Hydro Hydro Dept. $25) x2
  • FAMILY BILLS (Lead Foot Dancing Academy $50)
  • FAMILY BILLS (Middle Age Health & Reducing Club $90)
  • FAMILY BILLS (Tone Deaf Music School $100)
  • FEEL RESTLESS DURING A FULL MOON? (Send for free sample of Moon Minerals)
  • LOTTERY TICKET (Good for this month $50) x3
  • LOTTERY TICKET (Good for this month $100) x3
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE $150 (OPTION If bought cancels all Doctor, Dentist and Drug Bills  Must be bought or discarded immediately.) x2
  • POSTCARD (Dear Dad, Please wire money as soon as possible, Robert [Las Vegas postmark])
  • POSTCARD (Dear Jane, I am having a wonderful time here. But have developed a terrible kink in my neck. Love Betty [CN Tower postmark])
  • POSTCARD (Dear Mom + Dad, I am enjoying the camping trip with the gang here in Banff National Park. Love Judy [Montreal postmark])
  • POSTCARD (Dear Mum, Camp Snake Bit is Grate. Love John [Mountainville postmark])
  • POSTCARD (Dear Ms. McGregor, Regret to inform you that Bill Handley has been missing since he went fishing last week.  Sincerely, A. McTavish [Loch Ness postmark])
  • Repair Bill (AJAX BUILDERS Home repair – front door $15)
  • Repair Bill (AJAX BUILDERS Home repair – patio $50)
  • Repair Bill (FIXIT & SONS new stove element $20)
  • Repair Bill (FIXIT & SONS Washing machine repair $25)
  • Repair Bill (SNOW JOB TV TV repair $50)
  • Repair Bill (STAR CONTRACTORS: For new septic system $500)
  • Repair Bill (TUBE & KNOB SHOP TV repair $35)
  • SAFETY INSURANCE $75 SAFETY CHECK (OPTION If bought cancels all Safety Check Bills  Must be bought or discarded immediately.) x2
  • SPECIAL OFFER (Send 50¢ and name For catalogue of the 15 best Hitch-hiking routes of the Sahara Desert)
  • SWELLFARE (If your are in *DEBT, bet any amount up to $100 and collect 10x the amount bet…if you roll a 5 or 6! *see rules for definition  Must be used or discarded immediately x4
  • TAX BILL (Hometown Property tax levy $250)
  • TAX BILL (Hometown Sales tax levy $20)
  • TAX BILL (Hometown School tax levy $80)
  • TRY “TIRE NEW” (Box of 50 – 25¢  Don’t let a hole take the wind out of your sails)
  • Vacation Bill (Camp Poison Ivy $75)
  • Vacation Bill (Camp Sun Burn $50)
  • Vacation Bill (Happy Acres Lodge $125)
  • Vacation Bill (Trailer Park Park $25)
  • Water Bill (Hometown Water Water Dept. $20) x2

The rules.

Aside from the inner cardboard tray that holds the loose game parts, that’s it!  Have fun!

Box contents of the 1974 Parker Brothers game PAYDAY

Box contents for the variant edition of Payday (1974)


8 Responses

  1. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work
    and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I’ve included yyou guys to my blogroll.

  2. Do you have a list of the 64 mail cards from the 1975 version of Payday? The game I just got is missing a few of them.

  3. does somebody know the rules for this version (1974) of the game? I’ve got all the pieces but I’m missing the rules. e.g. how do loans and savings work? what do I do with the deal cards? can I sell anytime I land on a buyer – and who gets the commission?

    I’ve found the rules for later versions of the game, but can’t find them for this version.


  4. Great info, found on bing and really liked the info, I will bookmark :P.

  5. I miss this game. So many great memories playing at the lake.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by magisterrex – Dan and magisterrex – Dan, Lowly Colonist. Lowly Colonist said: RT @magisterrex: What's In That Game box? – Payday( 1974): http://wp.me/pBb2X-fx […]

  7. OMG! LMAO!! I think I played this once and failed miserably at it! But wow, the dollar amounts are too funny (and some are not too far off from the real thing!). Though the dentist bill needs alittle restructuring…………..

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