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More Retro Demos: The Tandy Color Computer 3 Holiday Demonstration Program

Time to unearth another retro Christmas demo, this time one that was used to showcase the Tandy Color Computer 3 back in 1986.  The “Holiday Demonstration Program” was developed by Spectral Associates, a software company founded in 1980, and based out of Tacoma, Washington.  Spectral Associates published a number of CoCo games, including Color Space Invaders, Realm of Nuaga, The Interbank Incident, and Madness and the Minotaur (and many more), selling them both directly through mail-order as well as to Tandy for distribution through their Radio Shack chain of retail stores.

The Holiday Demonstration Program was written by David Figge and John Gabbard, who also co-wrote several of Spectrum Associates’ other titles, and the graphics were coded by Eugene T. Gatlin (who was employed by Spectral Associates from the spring of 1985 to the winter of 1986, and worked on several of the company’s CoCo 3 projects).  Information on Spectral Associates is a bit sparse, including the exact date of its demise, which appears to be sometime in the late 1980s (not far removed from the release date of this holiday demo!).

Regardless, watching this demonstration program is a wonderful trip into the PC retrogaming past, chunky graphics and all!  Enjoy!