Yearly Update: Where is Google Checkout for Canada?

Around six months ago (on October 16, 2011, to be precise), I posted an update on the status of Google Checkout in Canada.  Actually, this update was an update on the original article (from January 27, 2010), in which I asked the question “Where’s Our Google Checkout?“, and today I am here to give you the answer:


For whatever reason, Google has clearly chosen to ignore Canada and its strong and growing economy, and our country’s high penetration rate of Internet users.  For some reason Google Checkout will accept payments from Canadian credit cards, but Canadian sellers cannot offer it.  Even more interesting, Canadian app developers using the Android platform can accept payment through Google Checkout.

But not Canadian online retailers.

No Google Checkout for YOU, Mr. Harper!

I’m not certain which is more irritating, the lack of a Google Checkout product in Canada or the utter lack of updates or explanations from Google’s corporate offices.  Some people have been upset enough to contact the Canadian Competition Bureau, urging others to do the same!

My advice to my fellow Canadians? Don’t hold your breath waiting for Google. If they didn’t bother with expanding into Canada by now, they won’t be coming at all.