The Genesis of Sierra On-Line Games: 1979-1983

Sierra produced many memorable games, many of which are incredibly hard to find collector’s items.  The most difficult games to locate are the original games produced under the On-Line, Sierra On-Line, SierraVenture, and SierraVision labels from 1979-1983.

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The first color graphic adventure, Wizard and the Princess

A History of Sierra On-Line: What’s In a Name, Anyway?

On-Line Systems logo (pre-Sierra)

As most old-school gamers know, the company was founded by the power-gaming couple of Ken and Roberta Williams in 1980.  Back then it was known  On-Line Systems.  The games Mystery House and Time Zone were first released under this label.

By 1982, the company changed its name to Sierra On-Line, but used two other labels to sell some of their product line.  SierraVenture was created to sell the company’s re-released software that once sold under the On-Line Systems brand, while the company’s action/arcade games were to be produced under the SierraVision label.  Both logos were discontinued in 1984, and the company published all their titles under the Sierra On-Line label.

As revenues increased, so did buying opportunities for Sierra, which had become a software juggernaut.  The company acquired other software companies, often including both logos on subsequent products.  Purchases included…

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