Catalog Cavalcade: Avalon Hill Gaming Company

Anyone who has ever played a war game owes a tremendous debt to the Avalon Hill Gaming Company. It was a company that was founded in 1954 with the premise that strategic multi-counter war games would be a profitable product to sell, and proved it by having a commercial success with its very first product, Tactics.  Many, many other war games followed, such as Blitzkrieg!, Panzer Blitz, and Starship Troopers, as well as games in other genres, such as Acquire, Football Strategy, and Outdoor Strategy. Some were instant classics, some…well, not so much.

Of course, Avalon Hill also translated a large volume of their wargame classics to the computer realm, making for some fabulous solo or human-to-human game play without having to leave the comfort of your computer desk.  In honor of those games – and the company that has long since been absorbed by the Borg of the gaming world (Hasbro) – reproduced below is one of Avalon Hill’s original PC game catalogs from 1996.  Simply click on the first page to open the catalog up. One warning: it’s a big file! Enjoy!

Avalon Hill Game Company Catalog


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