Catalog Cavalcade: Commodore Amiga Spec Sheets

Every so often I find a little piece of personal computing history hidden inside a game box that I like to share with others with a like-minded love of retrogaming and memories of computers of yesterday. Up today are three product spec sheets from the Commodore Business Machine Limited product line: a sheet for the Commodore Amiga 500 computer (Commodore order number 0500-999-1), a sheet for the Commodore  1084 monitor (Commodore order number 1084-999-1), and one for the Amiga 1010 disk drive (Commodore order number 1010-999-1).  Note the pen marks on the Amiga 500 sheet; I’ve used the power of the Gimp to remove most of the offending writing, but not all of it.

Each sheet is two-sided, with a description on one side and specifications on the other. I’ve combined them all into a single .pdf file for your enjoyment; simply click on the image below to see what salespeople handed out to prospective computer buyers back in the 1980s. Enjoy!

Click on this image to open the .pdf file!


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