I haven’t reblogged something for some time, and this seems just the kind of thing that deserves a bit more exposure!

CritAnime's bit of the Net

This article was initially written for Commodore Is Awesome. However due to someone going postal it was lost. Luckily I had a backup on my works computer so I am posting it on my blog for people to pick up.

So I got lots of requests from friends who migrated from Windows to various Linux platforms to do a mini guide for getting Vice working on their systems. I distributed this guide around my friends in hopes that it would make life easier for them. Since then I have found that my little guide has made it’s way around other people and even onto a forum.

They persuaded me that it would be a really awesome idea to put the tutorial/guide on the net in a more permanent place. So here it is, in all it’s rough around the edges glory.

Suppose I should point out that I was…

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