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Bundle in a Box Has Launched!

From time to time I look up from my stack of retro gaming treasures to explore the world of the now, leaving behind my classic gaming consoles and vintage computers, focusing instead on more modern machines, such as the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, or something for my desktop or laptop computers – or even on my Android phone.  Many of these excursions of late have been to immerse myself in the world of indie gaming, a place where the corporate beancounters and stock-vested management team do not have any sway over the final product and therefore cannot dilute the gaming experience and dim their creators’ visions.  Indie gaming is the place where imagination still trumps profit margin, and where a gamer can find something unique to counter the ennui caused by too many Call of Duty clones and the endless repetition of sequel after sequel.

It is in this spirit that I was excited to discover Kytarro Games’ upcoming release, Bundle in a Box – Adventure Bundle, which contains not one, but SEVEN adventure games, all DRM-free, and is being sold under what is described as a “pay-what-you-want” payment model. The games included are The Sea Will Claim EverythingGemini RueBen There, Dan That! Special EditionTime Gentlemen, Please!1893: A World’s Fair MysteryThe Shivah, and Metal Dead.  Seems like a decent return for a minimal investment to me!

However, the most interesting aspect of the Bundle in a Box release is that a part of the proceeds are paid into the Indie Dev Grant, a fund created by Kyttaro Games to help Indie game developers by providing them with a little extra cash. It’s actually a brilliant concept, and one that every indie dev should embrace in the interest of keeping the community healthy.  In this case, for every 15,000 units sold, $2,000 will be added into the Indie Dev Grant, and the cumulative total will be handed with no strings attached to a lucky developer.

Where do you find this amazing gaming package? Look no further than the Bundle in a Box website, located HERE.  Take a moment to support indie game development and play some great games for the price of a good cup of coffee and a tasty donut – purchase a good and tasty game pack today!


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  1. […] like the previous Bundle in a Box release, part of the proceeds are paid into the Indie Dev Grant, a fund created by Kyttaro Games to help […]

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