Treasures Found While Cruising the Al Gore:

Something that I don’t do enough of is shoutouts to other retrogaming sites on the fabulous Al Gore Superhighway. There are so many people providing some high quality content, whether that content is video or text, longplays, reviews, interviews, historical anecdotes, or a host of topics that is as varied as retrogaming itself.   However, it’s been some time since my last site shoutout, so that ends tonight!

It was either this logo or Eric in his stylish hat.Tonight I’d like to spotlight a site run by one of the most prolific tweeters I’ve seen on Twitter, @Nintendo_Legend (aka Eric Bailey). His website is, and is devoted to the Nintendo Entertainment System’s library of games.  Eric’s stated mission is to review them ALL, and as of this writing, his goal is 29% complete, with 221 reviews already written. (Amazingly, not only is Eric completed committed to reviewing every single NES cartridge ever made, he’s also found the time to quarterback a new multi-contributor gaming site called  I suspect he’s the Energizer Bunny of retrogamers. But I digress…)

There’s some great stuff here, both in what is written as well as the multitude of screenshots.  This site is well worth a look, which will probably turn into a very long read through hundreds of NES reviews!   Check it out!


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up to this site. It’s a massive task to try to review the whole library of NES titles, and the fact he’s nearing 30% is amazing!

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