Keeping the Heat on SOPA with Super SOPA Bros

Here’s an axiom: The Interwebs are filled with talented and creative folks.  The many ways that people found to express their distaste for the U.S. Congress’ attempt to censor the great Al Gore Superhighway are evidence of this, and none more so than the many games developed to showcase the epic fail that is SOPA.   In that spirit, be sure to check out the SOPAJam at Ludum Dare, where you discover games such as Super SOPA Bros., SOPA Invaders, or even Congress Chainsaw Massacre.  The multipage list of games submitted by talented game creators can be found here: SOPAJam.  Enjoy, and don’t forget that though they lost this round, the sponsors of the SOPA/PIPA legislation will be back.  They always come back.  Be vigilant!


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