New Freeware Indiana Jones Adventure Game!

A new Indiana Jones adventure game?  Why, yes! Just released for our enjoyment is Indiana Jones and The Passage of Saints, a freeware point-and-click mini adventure.  This is classic 16-bit retrogaming, with a screen resolution of 320×200, but it’s not a LucasArts product. The game comes from Screen7 (who take great pains to acknowledge that they are not associated in any way with LucasArts).  Screen7 is working on a much more ambitious project entitled Indiana Jones and The Fountain of Youth (in development since 2001!), which was conceived as a companion game to the classic Fate of Atlantis.  A demo was released, but the full game is still unfinished.

In the meantime, you can download the 40+MB Passage of Saints game here: Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints  Enjoy!


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  1. Fantastic, simply fantastic!

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