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Happy New Year For 2012 and Looking Back at 2011

It’s that time of year again, when people reflect on what they’ve accomplished, what they’ve witnessed, and what they envision their future unfolding throughout the next year.  Last year I outlined my gratitude for the uptick in web traffic to both this blog and my retail website, magisterrex.com, as well as my appreciation for the partnerships and online friendships I developed throughout the year.  In some ways, nothing has changed from 2011 to 2012: I still appreciate the growth of both my blog and website, and also the discovery of new friends and new opportunities through my social media efforts, including the advent of Google+.

This is not to imply that my path through 2011 has been adorned with rose petals gently placed before my approaching feet by Victoria’s Secret models.   There were enough troubles in 2011, such as the bizarre banishment of my @magisterrex account from Twitter, which began and ended with the same level of obfuscation, to ensure that I look back on the year with mixed emotions.   Yet, even that helped add more readers to this blog as I chronicled the events that led to my reinstatement.  As they say, whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger.

As for what’s happened in the wide world around me, there are so many other blogs detailing the best and worst games, the highs and lows of the year, and the like, that I don’t have anything better (or at least, able to serve up anything fresher than what has already been presented).  So, for the benefit of myself next year, I’m going to dig into some stats from both Recycled Thoughts and magisterrex.com and comprise a few “most popular” lists of which I expect only I will be interested in reading (next year).

I’ve enjoyed the luxury of writing a few more blog posts this year at Recycled Thoughts From a Retro Gamer, the most popular of which (in order of most hits, and not including posts from 2010 and earlier) were:

  1. Game of the Week: American McGee’s Alice
  2. Roll Call – The Villains of Batman: Arkham City
  3. Retro Game of the Week: Lode Runner (1983)
  4. What’s In That Game Box? – Dungeon! Fantasy Boardgame
  5. Defining Retrogaming

The five most searched for keywords which brought people to my blog this year were (in order):

  1. Leisure Suit Larry
  2. Maniac Mansion
  3. Panzer General
  4. American McGee’s Alice
  5. Sid Meier’s Pirates map

And since Mr. Google is kind enough to hand me scores and scores of data regarding my website, here’s a few lists from there, too.  According to google Analytics, the five most popular keywords searched for at magisterrex.com in 2011 were:

  1. Colecovision (#1 keyword by a HUGE margin)
  2. magisterrex (really?)
  3. Electronic Merlin
  4. Original GameBoy
  5. Masterpiece Board Game

Still with me? Wow, you must be bored today.  Moving on, the top five countries with most visits to magisterrex.com during 2011 were (in order):

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. India (this one surprises me, as not a single package has ever been shipped there)

I wonder why folks in India are searching magisterrex.com so much?  What’s so interesting to keep people coming, but not interesting enough to purchase?  As Spock would say, fascinating.  At any rate, this looks like a great place to stop.  Here’s hoping your 2012 will be filled with joy and prosperity for you and all you hold dear!


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