Rock Band Becomes Relevant With RUSH 2112

Back in the day all the cool kids listened to Rush records.  The group released several albums with limited success (albeit with some great music) until 1976, when 2112 hit the store shelves.  This was a “concept” album, meant for people to put on and listen to one side at a time, and be transported into a realm of musical imagination.  And it was made of pure awesomeness.  I’ve repurchased 2112 over the years as musical technology advanced, and I own it in LP, cassette, and CD format.  And now Rush is moving into the gaming market, with the imminent 2012 release of 2112 as a download for the Rock Band game.

Now the question is, will my love for all things Rush be stronger than my disdain for video game music simulators?  Am I soon to be assimilated into the Rock Band collective?  Will I actually purchase Rock Band (or, better yet, will a “review” copy arrive on my doorstep)?  Or will I simply put my old LP on my turntable and listen to The Temple of Syrinx again?  Only time will tell…


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