December 23rd – Festivus Has Arrived!

The glory of Festivus has come upon us once again on this twenty-third day of December. Most people regard the 23rd as a time for shopping for those last-minute Christmas gifts that will be sold out on the 24th, but might be still in the stores today.  Yet some find secular solace in celebrating the rejection of commercialism that is Festivus, and although not a nationally sanctioned holiday (yet!), Festivus has taken a life of its own on the Internets (and many radio stations).

Based upon an old Seinfeld episode, Festivus has three major components:

  1.  The Airing of Grievances
  2. Festivus Dinner
  3. Feats of Strength

So let us begin the day with our Airing of Grievances.  To quote the venerable Frank Costanza, “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!”

How about the American entertainment industry’s attempt to wipe out the Internet? SOPA is an excellent barometer to determine just how many politicians have been given “contributions” by the billion dollar industry that is Hollywood.  Controlling the Internets through bogus take-down threats and other shady practices reminds me more of the Chinese approach to “free speech” than anything birthed by the American constitution.

How about the state of the game industry?  Giant gaming companies are run by corporate lawyers and massive accounting teams, with endless sequels and games that are copies of each other.  How many war simulators do we need? Yet people keep buying this crap, and marvel at the latest additions to the same game they’ve played at least fourteen times already. Bah.

I’m certain there are many, many other grievances yet to be aired, but like Frank, I’ve lost my train of thought. Perhaps I’ll update this blog as I remember them!



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