Indie Game Devs: The 99 Percent Bundle

I ran across an rather interesting item on my Twitter feed recently from @dedhedzed regarding compiling and offering access to a variety of indie games that you might have otherwise missed.  To quote the proposal, “The ’99 Percent’ Bundle…is an effort to do just that, banding together those oft-forgotten devs behind a unified release, which will hopefully catch the eye of the mainstream gaming press, creating publicity and awareness for all.” 

There are so many quality dev teams out there that simply do not receive any press whatsoever that any extra attention that may come from this project is a positive step forward.  (And although the proposal’s author is a tad mortified to have made the proposal public, the extra attention he’s receiving from various sites helps build momentum for the project.) Here’s hoping for a successful release!

UPDATE: The 99%Bundle website has launched. You can check it out here:


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