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    • Got home and turned on the Oilers game just in time to see the Jets score. Hope this isn't another sloppy game from Conner & the boys. 1 week ago
    • RT @byterryjones: Looks like the Oilers have spent the last three days reading their press clippings. 1 week ago
    • Oilers better wake up and take the Canucks seriously. Right now they are being out hustled and out coached. Call a frigging time out, coach! 1 week ago
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Advertising From Yesteryear…The 1981 NBC Saturday Morning Lineup

I admit it’s been a few years since I partook in the joy of Saturday morning cartoons, so I don’t actually know if anything offered today matches that of the past television glory years.  What I do know is that once upon a time NBC had a Super Star Saturday lineup of cartoons.  POW!  Spider-Man!  The Smurfs! Captain Marvel (Shazam!)! Space Ghost! Rocky and Bullwinkle! The Flintstones! How could any kid switch off the TV when all that commercial-laden cartoon goodness was on?  And to remind us of that magic time, here’s a full-page ad from a 1981 comic book that told everyone that “there’s exciting new fun in ’81!”  Enjoy!


One Response

  1. “I admit it’s been a few years since I partook in the joy of Saturday morning cartoons, so I don’t actually know if anything offered today matches that of the past television glory years.”

    Sadly, the answer is no, not even close. For a good history lesson on what happened to the Saturday Morning experience, see this article:

    Fortunately, if you get REALLY nostalgic and want to re-create the Saturday Morning viewing experience, many of the old favorites are available on DVD (or were at one point, so you can probably pick them up used at Amazon, eBay, etc.)

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