Catalog Cavalcade: Spectrum HoloByte 1992 Product Catalog

This week’s Catalog Cavalcade takes us back to 1992, with the company that brought us the (then) technologically brilliant Falcon 3.0 PC game. Spectrum HoloByte was a software company founded in 1983 that pumped out some great games, including the Falcon series, various games based on Alexey Pajitnov’s ideas (including bringing Tetris to the PC), car racing sims (Stunt Driver and Vette!), and one of the most underrated political simulations of all time, Crisis in the Kremlin. The company was sold to Hasbro, Inc. (the Evil Empire) in 1998, and its development house was shut down that same year. However, in 1992, Spectrum HoloByte was still a thriving software business, so much so that it would go on to purchase MicroProse Software the next year. Below is the catalog of Spectrum HoloByte’s offerings in 1992 – just click on the image to open up the .pdf file! Enjoy!

1992 Spectrum HoloByte Catalog


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