Happy Belated 10th Birthday to the Microsoft Xbox

I cannot believe that 10 years has passed by already since that fateful day of November 15, 2001, when Microsoft launched the first Xbox system in North America.  The Xbox was a sweet gaming system with a custom 733 Mhz Pentium III processor powering up 64 MB of RAM and a 233 MHz nVidia NV2A graphics card, and it was the first gaming system to use a built-in hard drive and to use  Dolby Interactive Content Encoding Technology.  Best of all, you could play Halo: Combat Evolved and (eventually) its sequel, Halo 2.   Gamers loved the Xbox, too, as it sold out on its launch date, and would go on to sell over 24 million units before going out of production, replaced by the Xbox 360.

The Original Xbox by Microsoft

Of course, no mention of the original Xbox would be complete without mentioning the “Fatty” controller (also sometimes called “The Duke”) that was included with the North American release.  This was a big controller, both in girth and width.  Some people loved it, but many people did not, and eventually Microsoft swapped out the “Fatty” for the “S” model that was included with the Japanese release.  10 years later, with the Xbox now a retrogaming machine, there are still requests for the giant-sized original controller.

Xbox Fatty Controller Origin by Penny Arcade

To celebrate the classic Xbox’s 10th Anniversary, Microsoft has released a free Anniversary Prop for users’ Avatars.  You can check it out HERE.  Also, magisterrex.com is celebrating the Xbox’s birthday with a coupon for a combined discount of 30% off original Xbox in-stock games and strategy guides.  The coupon code is 10YEARXBOX and is valid up to November 30, 2011. (Just enter it during the checkout process.  You can see what’s available using this link: http://magisterrex.com/products.asp?cat=43) Happy 10th Birthday, Xbox – here’s to another 10 years of gaming goodness!


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