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ReBlog: Jane Jensen Returns with Cognition

Anyone remotely familiar with the beautifully crafted Gabriel Knight series recognizes the name Jane Jensen when they see it, and should get a small spasm of joy at the thought of her involvement in a new gaming venture.  The game stars Erica Reed, an investigator with a supernatural ability to “read” objects to “see” where they’ve been, who handled them, and what happened.  She’s chasing down four serial killers, The Hangman, The Wise Monkey, The Cain Killer, and The Oracle.  Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller will be released in episodic format, which Sam ‘n’ Max and Tales of Monkey Island have recently showed is a good choice for an adventure game franchise.  And as if the involvement of Jane Jensen is not enough, so too are artist Romano Molenaar (X-Men, among other work) and Phoenix Online, the developers of the King’s Quest homage, The Silver Lining!

The project is currently looking for funding through a Kickstarter campaign.  Give them a visit, and if you can afford it, a few dollars, too.

As ever, thanks to Gnome for the information that I’m sharing with you!


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  1. Yes! The word has been spread!


    Oh, and thanks again!

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