Advertising From Yesteryear…The Atari M Network

Back in the day of the first Console Wars, the Atari 2600 system took on the Mattel Intellivision and the Coleco ColecoVision game systems, with the result being an over-saturation of the video game marketplace, ending in the Great American Video Game Crash of 1983.  But while the war was fought, each game company sought to wedge itself into the Atari 2600 marketplace dominance.  Coleco brought forth the Gemini system, which played Atari games, but Mattel chose to simply clone some of their titles (but reduce the quality of the gameplay by simplifying them, a subtle marketing technique).  These games were released under the M Network logo, and included versions of The Adventures of TRON, Air Raiders, Armor Ambush, Astroblast, BurgerTime, Dark Cavern, Space Attack, Star Strike, and TRON: Deadly Discs.

To bring back those memories of the M Network, here’s an ad from a 1982 comic (The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl).  See if you can remember if “These Video Games Are So Exciting!” as the ad copy claims, or if the M Network was just another nail in the 1980s video game console industry!  Enjoy!

M Network full page ad from 1982


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