R.I.P. WarriorLabs

A site that I’ve contributed some content – well, not much content this year – seems to have gone off the grid.  WarriorLabs.net, which was a website built for the PC game enthusiast community, provided content as varied as classic game music to reviews and opinions on the latest games on the market.  I wrote a series of articles on retro games that were not well known, called Forgotten Classics.  Fortunately, thanks to the magic of the wayback machine, I’ve been able to recover my content, and will re-publish these entries here.  It’s never a good thing when a gaming site vanishes, especially a community-built one.  If you’ve unsuccessfully clicked on some of the Forgotten Classics blog links, please stand by: I haven’t forgotten any of these classics, and they will return!


One Response

  1. A site specialized to PCgames only is indeed a good idea, but soon you realize that hardcore gamers don’t play on PC only. They use every available platform to enjoy games and gaming. The content grew thin and a silent community with only two major posters (cutefloor and myself) always is doomed. Especially if the founder of the site sits back and does nothing. I’m glad you could recover your articles.

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