The Villains of Batman: Arkham City Part Deux

The early reviews of Batman: Arkham City are starting to trickle in, and they’re glowingly positive.  Though I’ve had my worries about how so many villains can be incorporated into a single game, but it’s clear that Rocksteady is more than up to the task.  In fact, more villains have been confirmed to be in the sequel to the wildly successful Batman: Arkham Asylum since my last comprehensive (or so I thought) piece, imaginatively titled Roll Call – The Villains of Batman: Arkham City.  Let’s have a look at who’s who and new:

It's definitely Julian Day - The Calendar Man

First off, either the picture above is of the Calendar Man or someone really needs a new daytimer.  It looks pretty clear that Julian Day is in the game, as his voice actor, Jim Piddock, has already been credited with the work.

Is it just me or does that look a lot like the Mad Hatter?  “Jervis Tetch lost his mind, swallowed up in the book [Alice in Wonderland]”  Even though he’s been around since 1948, Tetch was a bit of a “throwaway” villain, appearing but once in the Golden Age, and briefly re-appearing in 1981, this time using mind-control technology.  Since then he’s been fleshed out to be much more than a third-rate villain, one who has been known to use both drugs and mind control technology to control his victims, so his appearance in Batman: Arkham City should be memorable, and perhaps a bit surreal.

Black Mask laying down a...wait, he's just laying down.

It looks like it’s not just Sionis Industries that will be making an appearance in Batman: Arkham City, but also its deranged former chairman, Roman Sionis, AKA, Black Mask.  IMDb reports that Wade Williams will be voicing Black Mask again (as he did for Batman: Under The Red Hood), but no further details are known.  Is that Black Mask getting smacked around by Hugo Strange’s task force?  Well, he’s got a black mask on his head, but in Gotham, that doesn’t mean much.

Floyd Lawton began his criminal career by wanting to be both a crimefighter called Deadshot (who used trick shooting to capture criminals) and a secret crime boss in Gotham City.  After being exposed by the Batman, he decided to focus his energies into the art of assassination, becoming the second deadliest assassin in the DC Comics universe.  Deadshot will be looking to ply his trade in Batman: Arkham City, and it will be up to the player (as Batman) to track him down and put a stop to his plans.

Will there be more?  Who’s left to add? Ra’s al Ghul? The KGBeast? Catman? DoubleX? The Ventriloquist and Scarface? The Cavalier? Manbat? The Reaper? Clayface? Cluemaster? Blockbuster? The Spook?  Give yourself an ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BatTrivia Master pat on the back if you know all the names on this list!


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