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reBlog: DOOM No Longer a Banned Substance in Germany

It looks like Germany’s Bundesprufstelle (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) has decided that over the past 17 years, Doom has transformed into a work of art, rather than a dangerous influence on German youth.  Mind you, I’m not certain which is worse, that Germany has such an organization or that it took them 17 years to lift the ban order.  Regardless, the story can be found on the BBC News website, located here, and includes links to official Bundesprufstelle documents on the ruling.  Congratulations to my German retrogaming friends, who, like all German PC gamers – and I mean every last one of them – downloaded, imported or pirated the original two Doom games, making the Bundesprufstelle’s ruling as ridiculous in practice as it was on paper.  Well done, my German brothers and sisters!


One Response

  1. Any organisation that is responsible for banning games is a bit hilarious. It never stopped me to buy such games outside my country or to order those from austria per mail. Anyways, to protect children from gory bloody games is a noble duty, but in most cases does a ban mean that even mature people have a hard time to get a copy if they wish to have a native dubbed version.

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