Free Text/Flash Adventure: Returning of the Quantum Cat

Once upon a time, text adventures ruled the PC gaming industry.  Games such as Zork, Wonderland, Planetfall, Shogun, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and more from companies such as Infocom, were devoured by gamers looking to parse their way into new, imaginative universes.  But time and technology wait for no parser, and the advent of better and better eye candy eventually spelled the death of the text adventure genre.  They still live on in private collections of the classics, the odd website that gathers them and makes them available for play on the Internet, and – rarely – when someone creates a new one to play.

Such is the case with a little flash text adventure game called Returning of the Quantum Cat, written by zaynyatyi, a young programmer from the Ukraine.  It features still images with a text storyline, and rather than typing out commands, players click on hyperlinks within the text to accomplish actions.  It’s an interesting mix of genres, and is worth a look.  You can play this game here: Returning of the Quantum Cat.  Enjoy!


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