Google Plus is DoublePlusGood

So far the energy I’ve seen on Google+ is positive.  One might even call the environment “vibrant”.  It’s clearly a social networking site aimed at taking on Facebook, and google is doing a good job, judging from the kinds of comments I see in my stream. (John Dvorak makes some excellent points about Google+ at, and is well worth a read.)  But at only (!) 10 million or so users, the service is still in its infancy.

If you’re reading this blog, and want to get in on the Google+ phenomena while the landscape is still fresh and mutable, I can send you an invite.  I’ll need your email address, so you can either contact me through the many methods you see up on the top tabs of this blog, or you can just leave your information in the comments section (I’ll delete your email once I’ve sent you your invitation).  Come join the new Google+ party!


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