Free Text/Flash Adventure: Returning of the Quantum Cat

Once upon a time, text adventures ruled the PC gaming industry.  Games such as Zork, Wonderland, Planetfall, Shogun, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and more from companies such as Infocom, were devoured by gamers looking to parse their way into new, imaginative universes.  But time and technology wait for no parser, and the advent of better and better eye candy eventually spelled the death of the text adventure genre.  They still live on in private collections of the classics, the odd website that gathers them and makes them available for play on the Internet, and – rarely – when someone creates a new one to play.

Such is the case with a little flash text adventure game called Returning of the Quantum Cat, written by zaynyatyi, a young programmer from the Ukraine.  It features still images with a text storyline, and rather than typing out commands, players click on hyperlinks within the text to accomplish actions.  It’s an interesting mix of genres, and is worth a look.  You can play this game here: Returning of the Quantum Cat.  Enjoy!


Google Plus is DoublePlusGood

So far the energy I’ve seen on Google+ is positive.  One might even call the environment “vibrant”.  It’s clearly a social networking site aimed at taking on Facebook, and google is doing a good job, judging from the kinds of comments I see in my stream. (John Dvorak makes some excellent points about Google+ at, and is well worth a read.)  But at only (!) 10 million or so users, the service is still in its infancy.

If you’re reading this blog, and want to get in on the Google+ phenomena while the landscape is still fresh and mutable, I can send you an invite.  I’ll need your email address, so you can either contact me through the many methods you see up on the top tabs of this blog, or you can just leave your information in the comments section (I’ll delete your email once I’ve sent you your invitation).  Come join the new Google+ party!

Captain America: Shield of Justice

Like Thor: Bring the Thunder before it, Captain America: Shield of Justice comes free of charge from Marvel Comics and Big Pixel Studios to retrogamers everywhere.  Lots of sidescrolling 16-bit action await those who want to be the sentinel of liberty, with agents of Hydra standing in your way.  Check out the game at this link: Captain America: Shield of Justice.

Return to Twin Peaks with Black Lodge

Every so often someone produces a retro-inspired game that is so well done that you could swear you remember seeing it advertised in a comic book back in the 1980s.  Black Lodge, a game produced in the Atari 2600 style, complete with 8-bit blocky graphics and a chiptune soundtrack, is one such game.

Return to the Black Lodge as Agent Dale Cooper, in all its 8-bit surrealistic glory, free for PC or Macintosh computers!  Find out more information about this game from the website!

What’s In That Game Box? – Stratego (1972)

Ever scoured the Internet looking for what exactly you were missing from the old board game you pulled from your closet, only to find no one who could give you the answer?  Well, stop that fruitless searching through endless google results, as this week we look at the still-popular Milton Bradley classic, Stratego, the 1972 “fascinating two-handed strategy game.”

Box art for the 1972 Stratego game.

The contents of Stratego are as follows:

The game box (with a large picture of a uniformed older gentleman, perhaps a Field Marshall, about to make a move on the Stratego game board).

The game board (featuring a map of the geography in which the battle will take place in the center, bordered on either side with 12 squares showing the piece values.)

Two plastic trays to fit the game pieces in

Two sets of 40 army pieces, one in blue and one in red, consisting of:

Bomb [x6]
Captain (Labeled: 5) [x4]
Colonel (Labeled: 3) [x2]
Flag [x1]
General (Labeled: 2) [x1]
Lieutenant (Labeled: 6) [x4]
Major (Labeled: 4) [x3]
Marshall (Labeled: 1) [x1]
Miner (Labeled: 8 ) [x5]
Scout (Labeled: 9) [x8]
Sergeant (Labeled: 7) [x4]
Spy (Labeled: S) [x1]

The Rules sheet.

Aside from the inner cardboard filler to help hold all the pieces in an orderly fashion, that’s it.  Stratego remains a popular game, and this version brings back many memories for those who played it.  For those who haven’t played the game against a friend, what are you waiting for?

Box contents of the 1972 Stratego game.

Red and Blue armies for the 1972 Stratego game.