Rare Retrogaming Manuals: Programmer’s Aid Cartridge (VIC 1212)

Retro tech is always fun to find, but often it comes without any documentation.  Some tech is simple to understand (like hooking up an Atari 2600), but some tech is not so simple.  The Programmer’s Aid Cartridge (part number VIC1212), designed to help BASIC programmers to write, edit, and debug programs on the VIC20, is one such piece of retro tech.  Missing the instruction manual from that successful Commodore-inspired treasure hunt? Just click on the image of the cover, and download the manual (in .pdf format) for yourself!

Click on this image to view the instruction manual for the Programmer's Aid Cartridge (VIC1212)


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  1. I have a complete copy for sale if anyone is interested.. taking offers mail me at contactus@replay-games.ca

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