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Defining Retrogaming Update: The Nintendo GameCube

One of the interesting features of the soon to be released Wii U gaming system is that it is not backwards compatible to the Nintendo GameCube (which gives Nintendo the excuse they need to recode and re-release their entire GameCube lineup for a new system, but I digress.).

Back in January I attempted to define what retrogaming was and what a retrogaming video game system might be, in a piece imaginatively entitled, “Defining Retrogaming.”  My argument was that to be considered a retrogaming system, a console cannot be a lastgen console (unless the entire line is discontinued) and at least 10 years had to have passed us by.

So congratulations, GameCube, for entering the hallowed halls of retrogaming, joining its predecessors, the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and the granddaddy of them all, the Nintendo Entertainment System!

The Wii U gaming console


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