Rare Retrogaming Manuals: Super Expander (VIC 1211)

The older the tech is the less likely the owner’s manual was kept for it, and even less likely that one could be found.  One such piece of retro tech would be the Super Expander for the Commodore VIC-20 computer, a complex little 3K RAM memory expansion cartridge that is often found bereft of instructions for maximizing its potential.  Fear not!  Just click on the image of the cover, and download the manual (in .pdf format) for yourself…free of charge, of course!

Click on this image for the VIC-1211 Super Expander instruction manual.


One Response

  1. Very cool. I always wanted the 3k expander but by the time it came around my interests shifted toward the Tandy Color Computer line. Thanks for posting this!

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