Happy 22nd Birthday, GameBoy!

My how time flies when you’re having fun.  Back on April 21, 1989, Nintendo released the very first GameBoy, with a 160×144 pixel LCD display, 8K of RAM, and a 4.19 MHz processor.  Less advanced than that of several video game consoles that were already on the market, and devoid of screen colors, the GameBoy handheld gaming system did not seem poised to capture the gaming world’s attention and wallet contents.

But it did.  Low price, small (comparatively) size, and a wealth of games overpowered the more technologically advanced handheld gaming systems (such as Sega’s Game Gear and Atari’s Lynx), and the GameBoy became a huge hit, spawning several upgraded models over the years, and enduring itself into millions of gamers’ memories as a result.

So, Happy 22nd Birthday, GameBoy – it’s been a real blast!


One Response

  1. GameBoy was the first system I ever had. Spent 7 hours with Link’s Awakening on Christmas Morning and only stopped because the batteries ran out.

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