Yesterday’s Copy Protection Schemes: The Humans

In 1992, GameTek published The Humans, a fun Lemmings-like game that had players guiding prehistoric man through the discovery of fire, rope, spears, wheels, and torches, along with all the hilarious hijinks and missteps along the way.  The game featured a copy protection scheme very similar to that of SimCity, using a deep red colored sheet of paper with information typed in black ink which players referenced when asked a question by the program.  (The coloring was done this way to prevent photocopying the copy protection sheet!) Of course, with the arrival of the computer scanner, this kind of copy protection is no longer viable – which is most fortunate for anyone who has misplaced their sheet!  So, without further ado, here is the special Disk Protection Legend for GameTek’s The Humans.  Enjoy!

Disk Protection Legend for The Humans PC game.


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