Yesterday’s Copy Protection Schemes – Out of This World

In 1991, Interplay Productions released the classic Out of This World to the North American audience. (It was known as Another World in Europe.)  Reaction was strongly positive, and the game went on to be ported to a wide variety of gaming platforms, including its original Amiga and MS-DOS versions, but also the 3DO, Super Nintendo, Macintosh, Atari ST, Apple II, and Sega Genesis!

To protect the game from being copied and relentlessly distributed throughout the entire gamerverse, Interplay included a copy protection wheel within the box.  It had an amazing array of squiggly lines and alien characters, all of which were required to answer the question which prevented further access to the game.  If your copy of Out of This World no longer included this wheel, there was no alien adventure retrogaming for you!

But fret not, for the images below are of the original copy protection wheel.  Simply print them off, cut out the holes in the second piece, attach the two together, and you’ll have a working version you can use.  Enjoy!

Out of This World Copy Protection Wheel Pt. 1

Out of This World Copy Protection Wheel Pt. 2



One Response

  1. When i was played this game my copy was cracked. And i bought it in 1,2MBs floppy !

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