What’s In That Game Box? – Scotland Yard (1985)

Ever scoured the Internet looking for what exactly you were missing from the old board game you pulled from your closet, only to find no succor in your time of need?  Well, stop that fruitless searching through endless google results, as this week we look at Milton Bradley’s 1985 detective game, Scotland Yard.

Box art for Scotland Yard by Milton Bradley

A more indepth discussion the various releases of this game through the years, as well as its gameplay, can by found in a previous blog entry, titled, The Best Classic Board Games – Scotland Yard What’s In That Game Box? deals specifically with the game’s contents, which are:

The game box (showing a portion of the game board on a blue background)

The game board (featuring a map of London)

Six plastic player tokens (transparent)

A small sheet with dot stickers on it for the plastic tokens (most used Scotland Yard games already have these affixed to their tokens. The colors are blue, gray, green, orange, purple, and yellow)

125 die cut tokens, consisting of:

54 Taxi tokens
43 Bus tokens
23 Underground tokens
5 Black tokens

1 extra blank (white) die cut token (often discarded)

Five Detective Shield cards (blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow)

Two Double Move cards (“2x” on their face)

18 Start Cards (13, 26, 29, 34, 50, 53, 91, 94, 103, 112, 117, 132, 138, 141, 155, 174, 197, 198

The game rules

Aside from the inner cardboard tray that holds the loose game parts, that’s it!

Scotland Yard board game by Ravensburger

Just a quick note: Milton Bradley was the second publisher to release Scotland Yard.  The first to do so was Ravensburger, a European company known for the high quality of its game parts.  The game pieces in these versions are essentially the same, but with different art work and much higher quality.  An additional game part, the Thief Shield, is also included to aid the “thief” player in keeping his or her moves a secret from the Detective players.


Contents for Scotland Yard by Milton Bradley


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