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Retrogaming Site Review: OldSchoolJunkie.com

OldSchoolJunkie.com screen shot

Every so often I find a website that simply needs to be shared with other gamers; OldSchoolJunkie.com is one such site.  The site promotes itself as “dedicated to bringing a voice to Retro Gaming and Independently Developed  game projects.”  It is a fairly new gaming site, but it has pushed itself deep into the Alexa ratings, already finding itself in the mid 400K range.  This is a testament to the quality of work being published on the site by its team, led by Jorge Murphy, the founder and editor-in-chief of OldSchoolJunkie.com  Jorge is an experienced and accomplished professional writer, and that professional polish shows throughout the site.

The writing and subject matter is of high-quality, and there is a nice variation between retro games and independent gaming.  A quick glance at the landing page shows this diversity: a gameplay video on the Turbografx-16 classic The Legendary Axe: a video showing the introduction for the Sega CD RPG Lunar: Eternal Blue; a news post on the upcoming upgrade to the Xbox Avatar system; a feature on a retro music remix of Rush’n Attack by an indie musician; a gameplay video on the somewhat forgotten Heart of the Alien for Sega CD; a review and shoutout to the All Gen Gamers retro-related podcast; a news brief on the inclusion of Xbox Live! for the Windows Mobile 7 platform; a quick feature on a contest from another gaming site; a discussion on an indie iPhone game called Surveillance; a retro hardware review on Sony’s PSOne with screen; a long gameplay video of Alien vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar system; and 14 more articles – all on just the landing page!  With that kind of quantity and quality offerings, it’s little wonder that OldSchoolJunkie.com’s popularity continues to increase.

I heartily recommend visiting OldSchoolJunkie.com…but watch out: the sheer volume of both retrogaming and indie gaming material may seriously impact your day’s productivity.  If you’re blog surfing at work, you may end up spending more time reliving those retrogaming memories than working on that report that’s due…which may lead to your dismissal…which will give you the gift of more time to work through Jorge Murphy’s site!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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