ReBlog: Planescape Torment Graphic Upgrade

For anyone that loved Planescape: Torment as much as I did, you need to check out this graphic upgrade mod.

Having only played a bit of Planescape Torment ages ago and having finally grabbed the DVD re-release of the game, I’ve decided to properly play through the whole thing and let myself enjoy the delights of this apparently delightful game. Cunningly, I also decided to be all modern and contemporary about it and mod, patch and update the thing to perfection….Read More

via Gnome’s Lair

More on the classic retro game (really!) Planescape: Torment can be found here: Retro Game of the Week – Planescape: Torment


One Response

  1. Thank you very much for your blogging from which I got invaluable sources on Planescape.

    -From Korea, South

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