New Forgotten Classics Post at Warrior Labs: The Immortal

Here’s another post in the Forgotten Classics series on the great PC games you might not remember at the Warrior Labs website. This entry’s subject is the Electronic Arts classic PC adventure RPG game, The Immortal. You can read it here:  CLICK ME  (Note: WarriorLabs has gone the way of the Dodo, so the link now takes you to an updated version of the original article right here at Recycled Thoughts From a Retro Gamer)

Front cover of The Immortal (IBM PC version)

Warrior Labs is a gaming website devoted to PC Gaming. Their goals are:

  • Create a strong community of PC Gamers.
  • Get inspiration from each other.
  • Tell tales about our favorite games.
  • Encourage creativity and gather people around original projects.


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