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Where’s Our google Checkout?

It’s January 27, 2010, and google Checkout is still unavailable to Canadian and Australian sellers.  O RLY? SRSLY.

Still not available in Canada or Australia!

It seems like only yesterday that we were told that expansion of the service was “pending.”  A couple of years later, it’s still pending.  I realize that google has many irons in the fire, and not all projects get the green light, but, come on, what is the problem here?

Are Canadian banking laws getting in the way or is it a tax law issue?  If so, has anyone from google met with either the Minister or Deputy Minister of Finance to help clear the way?  (And the Australian equivalent down under!)

Or has google abandoned the project completely?

Won't google make this clown happy again?

So many good ideas come out of the google corporate headquarters: the incredibly sleek Chrome browser; the mindboggling google Earth; the powerful google Translate; and, of course, google Base, the best friend of many small to medium sized businesses, just to name a few.

So, I know that I speak for a plethora of Canadian (and Australian) sellers who would eagerly embrace the google Checkout service (assuming it launched with an industry-competitive rate structure).

Look, it’s only logical that the service should be immediately extended to Canadian and Australian sellers.  The torments we endure as we listen to our American and UK cousins tell us of the wonders of the service and the many sales they’ve processed is evil.  And google must do no evil…

So come on, google – get ‘er done!


5 Responses

  1. […] was an update on the original article (from January 27, 2010), in which I asked the question “Where’s Our Google Checkout?“, and today I am here to give you the […]

  2. […] in January of 2010, I asked Where’s Our google Checkout?  The Great White North has been ignored by google since it launched their payment processing […]

  3. […] been able to partner with some great retrogaming websites, such as oldschooljunkie.com, gamesniped.com, and warriorlabs.net, and have met many wonderful people through my Twitter account.  Looking back […]

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  5. Thanks for the Information.

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