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Hey buddy, could you spare me $770.10?

On September 29th, I reported on a seller who lost $770.10 on eBay.  Here is a link to the original blog post: How would you like to lose $770.10 on eBay?

Tell me again how much you lost?

Tell me again how much you lost?

The story came to the attention of Jim Griffith (Griff), the Seller Advocate at eBay, and he asked for the details.  I passed on his contact information to the young seller, who promptly forwarded all the information to Griff.  It certainly looked as though eBay was going to make this story have a happy ending, albeit a very belated one.

Alas, over a week has passed and Griff has not bothered to respond to our young seller.  Not a simple, “received it, thanks” or a “wow, that buyer should have at least bought you dinner before doing that to you,” or even a “so sad, too bad” email.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I find your lack of WIN, disturbing.

I find your lack of WIN, disturbing.

I know, it’s only been a week.  But buyers who get shafted get their money back within minutes of complaining of a potential ripoff.  A newbie seller like the one who lost $770.10 should not be treated any differently.  This should be a feel good story, not another, “well, you know how risky eBay is” story.

Come on, Griff.  Tell John Donahoe to pull out his wallet.  After all, it’s only walking around money to him!

I pluck the idea out of the air, like this!

I pluck the idea out of the air, like this!

4 Responses

  1. Miss Trixie,
    Thanks for posting this information. To the quote from Griff, I was professional and tried working with the buyer, but he would rarely respond to me and when he did, what he said was rather forceful. He always insisted on contacting me outside of eBay, so I would always respond to him via eBay and post his e-mail in my response as Re: .

    IMHO, sellers have no protection, and buyers get everything they want. The part that upset me the most in my situation is that PayPal’s “binding” decision that I was in the right, was revoked when the seller did a charge back on the credit card. Then, when PayPal told me they were disputing it with the credit card company on my behalf, they never even contacted his credit card company.

    I refuse to purchase from any site that does not have a PayPal alternative and I will not use eBay ever again unless this is resolved. Until then (or forever), I’m loving Google Checkout and other similar services.

    Thanks again!

  2. This is a classic, tried and true Jim “Uncle Griff” Griffith “solution” to an ebay problem.

    He expresses concern then publicly asks, online or on his radio program, for the member to send the information to him via email.

    Then nothing happens.

    A Power Seller received a neg from a non-paying buyer just after the May 2008 removal of the ability of sellers to leave negative feedback. She called the “Ask Griff: radio show for help.

    Griff expressed concern then outrage saying that he would “re-walk it (the neg case) back to Trust & Safety”. Griffith said that he was taking action to have the non-paying buyer’s neg removed because “There was no transaction here”.

    Time passed and the Power Seller still had the neg. A thread on ebay’s discussion forum, Seller Central, discussed Griffith’s radio show statement and the fact that the neg remained. Griff showed up on the thread and posted his now infamous statement;

    “I’ve reviewed thousands of disputes between buyers and sellers for the last 12 years and in every single case, the “rude” behavior on the part of a buyer was always precipitated by unprofessional conduct on the part of the seller who assumed intent on the basis of an initial buyer email and responded accordingly. And I am not exaggerating. I mean, every single case.”

    Jim Griffith, ebay “Seller Advocate”, August 15, 2008

    The Power Seller’s neg from the non-paying bidder was finally removed after months of work on the part of the Power Seller contacting everyone she could at ebay and after a Seller Central thread about Griff’s inaction with hundreds of posts.

    Send me an email. Yeah. Right.

  3. I am a potential “newbie” to eBay as I have been thinking about buying some items there. After reading this article I have serious doubts about using it.

  4. Maybe eBay & PayPal will come around…. until then, I have no faith in the company. The non-response only made my faith in the companies – or should I say “company” – lower.

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