Random thoughts on incessant noise and social media

So I’m sitting at the skating rink watching my two sons wheel about the rink. As they crash from one end of the ice to the other, I’m struck by one thought: Why do they play the radio over the P.A. system so loud? It certainly not for the music; most of what comes through the old speakers is a non-stop barrage of advertisements that affront and assault my senses. Music is in short supply on this station.

Perhaps people need noise to interact. Perhaps they need the shared discomfort to connect with one another. We bond in times of need. The blaring voices of people shucking tomorrow’s garbage disguised as today’s much-needed stuff mask our inability to talk to reach out and make new friends the old-fashioned way: by talking to one another. Perhaps that’s why social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter do so well or why message boards are filled with folks just looking to connect to another human being. Perhaps the truth is that we’ve lost our ability to be social animals without adding distractions to the process.

Perhaps there’s a graduate paper on the phenomena waiting to be written. Or perhaps I’m bored and over-analyzing again and should just go back to listing games on my various sales venues. All I really know is that I’ve said “perhaps” too many times already, and need a good closing line. That wasn’t it.