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ReBlog: Today in Gaming History

Hard to imagine, but HeyPoorPlayer.com reminds us that it’s true: the gamers’ friend Blizzard Entertainment released the Internet addiction World of WarCraft on November 23, 2004, marking today its six year anniversary.  Six years later they boast over 12 million subscribers, and are the gold standard for MMORPGs.  Happy Birthday, WoW!

Read more at HeyPoorPlayer.com: LINK

ReBlog: Running Doom on a TI-83+ calculator

Every so often someone does something so full of awesome that you just want to give them a trophy.  That trophy goes today to the person who decided to whip up a Doom engine on his TI-83+ graphing calculator.  Yes, you read that correctly: a 6 MHz, 24K RAM device you use to solve your advanced math equations.  Click on the link to learn more on how it was done! (Link to gamedev.net)

ReBlog: The Video Game Critic’s Halloween Hall of Fame

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys some scary retrogaming that runs from the Atari 2600  video game system to today’s PlayStation 3 powerhouses, The Video Game Critic’s Halloween  Hall of Fame is for you.  The games are reviewed and rated in their “Fright Factor” (measured in  tombstones), with a wide range from “Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing” to “Unbearable – why am  I doing this to myself?”   Well worth the read!


Ghost Manor for the Atari 2600


ReBlog: PCMag.com Reveals 12 Forgotten Online Games

PCMag.com recently featured an interesting article uncovering 12 “lost” online games that you can still play today.  I was stunned to discover Meredian 59, Sierra’s The Realm and SSI’s original Neverwinter Nights continued to survive, albeit some with name changes and/or diminished user bases.  Reading this article was like stepping into the hot tub time machine and heading back to a simpler age in the online universe.

You can read this amazing article here: 12 Forgotten Online Games

Neverwinter Nights is still alive!

Hey, is that Sierra's The Realm?

Atari 2600 Enthusiasts Rejoice! Halo 2600 is Here!

Halo 2600 by Ed Fries Atari Emulation

(Links Below)

Now Halo is not just an Xbox phenomena – Halo 2600 by Ed Fries brings the smash console hit to the Atari 2600 gaming system (or an emulated version of it).  Mr. Fries was the head of Microsoft’s gaming studio until 2004, so he is intimately familiar with the Halo experience.  Players actually play Master Chief on a series of missions through 64 levels of Atari-style pixelated gaming goodness.

Thumbs up!

Play the game HERE

Get the code HERE


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